Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hiking 7 Falls

Estrellita 15 months

Here are some pics of Estrella, about 14 to 15 months

Estrellita helping

A Estrellita le gusta ayudar, aqui me esta ayudando a limpiar la fuente, y tambien a barrer la cocina. If you want to see bigger pictures, click on the picasa icon, then on the highlighted album title, that will take you to the picasa website.

Estrellita - mom's visit

Dad sent a little musical bunny, Estrella's first reaction to the bunny hop

Estrella easter 2010

Easter, we had a little egg haunt with 2 young friends

Estrellita 13 months

More pics

Sunday, April 19, 2009

pictures of my little one

She squeals and makes agh noises. She recognizes mommy's voice and smiles when she hears daddy. She can watch the mobile on her crib for at least half hour, enough for mom to take a shower. She calms down while listening dad playing the guitar. She is a precious pearl with a lot of black hair :-)